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Standard Refrigerator Earthquake Fastener

SKU: STP-202-16
Our standard refrigerator earthquake fastener is perfect for use in your home as well as hospitals, laboratories, and commercial settings. This fastener is designed to be attached to a standard-sized refrigerator, freezer, or combo unit.


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Special Price $65.00

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Special Price $65.00


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Our standard refrigerator earthquake fastener is perfect for the home as well as hospitals, labs and commercial environments. This fastener attaches to a standard sized refrigerator, freezer or combo unit with 3M very-high-bond adhesive pads and to the wall with our stainless steel "L" brackets. Includes: (2) 4" x 5" SAFE-T-PROOF Fasteners, (2) 3M Adhesive Pads, (2) SAFE-T-PROOF 18" Straps, (2) SAFE-T-PROOF Stainless Steel "L" Brackets, (4) Screws, (8) Washers, (4) Nuts, (2) Self-Tapping Wall Screws and Wood Wall Screws, (2) Washers, (2) Alcohol Wipe Pads.

Details & Instructions

SKU STP-202-16
Product PDFs:

Standard Refrigerator Fastener : Detail IllustrationsSTP 202 Fastener : Installation Instructions