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5 Person / 3 Day Group Survival Kit


  • 3 Days of Emergency Food & Drinking Water For 5 People.

  • Survival Gear, Tools, Shelter, Sanitary Supplies, First Aid Kit & More.

  • Solar Handcrank AM/FM Radio, Light, Alarm & Cell Phone Charger.

  • Maximum Security And Protection Packed Into A Large Duffel Bag

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Special Price $209.99


Special Price $209.99


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This large kit contains enough emergency supplies, water and food to sustain a group of 5 for 3 days - as recommended by the American Red Cross. Everything from emergency blankets, waterproof matches, multi-tool, dust masks - even a solar AM/FM emergency radio is included for maximum survival and safety. This kit includes: (1) Large Duffel Bag, (5) 2400-Calorie Food Bars (5-Year Shelf Life), (64) Purified Water Packs (5-Year Self Life) (5) Thermal Space Blankets, a Solar/Hand Crank AM/FM Radio, (1) Out-of-State Contact Card, (2) Deluxe Flashlight with Batteries, (2) Leather Palm Gloves (2) Goggles (1) Pry Bar/ Gas Shut-Off Valve, (1) Coil of Rope, (3) Utility Bags, (5) Infectious Waste Bags, (2) Boxes of Waterproof Matches, (2) ANSI Approved Hardhats (Yellow), (1) 13-Function Swiss-Style Army Knife, (5) 12 Hour Emergency Light Stick, (1) First Aid Book, (1) Playing Cards, (5) Tissue Packs, (3) Sanitary Pads, (1) Baking Soda, (5) Dust Masks, (5) Hooded Ponchos, (3) Disposable Gloves, (2) Rolls of Duct Tape, (1) Arm/Leg Splint, (1) CPR Microshield, (1) Deluxe First-Aid Kit, (1) Locking Pliers, (1) Antiseptic Mouth Wash

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