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Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences

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  1. NEW Seismolatch ULTRA 10-pack | WHITE

    SEISMOLATCH ULTRA: Automatic Cabinet Door Earthquake Latches | 10-Pack

    Now with PEEL-N-STICK application using our Very High Bond ADHESIVE, you can install latches throughout your entire home, lab or office in minutes! SeismoLatch latches remain open until triggered by the movement of an earthquake. Ingenious engineering, quality fabrication and simple installation. Secure your space today!
    Also available in 4-packs and 20-packs Learn More


    Solar Handcrank Emergency Radio & Cell Phone Charger - WITH USB Connector!

    • Powered by the Sun or by hand! Never be without batteries again!
    • Features a built-in AM/ FM radio, flashlight, blinker and siren alarm.
    • Plug in and charge cell phones and other portable electronics!
    • Ideal for all emergency kits and disaster preparedness planning.
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  3. Flat Screen TV / Monitor Anti-Tip Fastener

    Flat Screen TV / Monitor Anti-Tip Fastener

    • Prevents flat screen TVs and computer monitors from tipping over!
    • This system is perfect for tabletop LCD and plasma displays.
    • Protect against earthquakes, kid-quakes and pet-quakes. (Check out this Video Clip)
    • Comes in black, with 3M VHB adhesive pads for a secure bond.
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3 Item(s)

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