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4 Person / 3 Day Group Survival Kit


  • Loaded With 3 Days Of Emergency Food & Water For 4 People!

  • Must-Have Survival Gear, On-Duty Emergency Tool & Tarp Shelter.

  • Solar Handcrank AM/FM Radio, Light, Alarm & Cell Phone Charger.

  • Packed Into A Sturdy 5-Gallon Bucket With Snap-On Toilet Seat.

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4-Person / 3-Day Group Survival Kit

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Our 4-Person / 3-Day Group Survival Kit provides plenty of survival supplies, food, and water to support 4 people over three days - and has a 5-year shelf life. It includes a solar/handcrank emergency radio, an On-Duty Emergency Tool and much more. Includes: (1) 5-gallon bucket with snap-on toilet seat, (4) 2400-calorie food bar (5-year shelf life), (12) purified water packs (5-year shelf life), (1) water purification tablets, (4) thermal space blanket, (4) tissue packs, (4) hooded ponchos, (1) 10’ X 12’ tarp, (1) duct tape - 50yd, (1) solar / handcrank AM/FM radio with cell phone charger, (1) out-of-state contact card, (4) 12-hour emergency light sticks, (1) deluxe flashlight with batteries, (1) box of waterproof matches, (1) 36 piece first-aid kit, (1) survival whistle with lanyard, (4) dust mask, (1) disposable gloves, (1) leather-palm gloves, (1) 13-function Swiss-style army knife, (1) On Duty 4-in-1 Emergency Tool, (1) coil of rope, (1) first-aid book, (6) infectious waste bags, (6) toilet chemicals.

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