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NOTE: for structural engineers and architects on OSHPD projects: The OSHPD policy intent notice (PIN-68) from March of 2020 allows the use of manufactured restraint items such as shown here with direction to divide the manufacturer's capacity by four. For details shown here and the dozens of additional bracing details we utilize, we have done that work for you. The listed recommended capacity already takes into consideration this factor of safety, and the weight shown can be a good starting point for you in developing your calculations. For more information contact us directly at [email protected]

  • Extra Large Freezers

  • Lab Equipment Anchorage Kit

  • Refrigerators

  • Wall Strut Fastening Kit

  • Biological Safety Cabinets

  • Heavy Tabletop Equipment

  • Tabletop Equipment / Printers

  • Heavy On-Floor Appliances

  • Cabinet Doors

  • Metal & Wire Storage Racks

  • HPLC / Stacked Equipment

  • Flammable Cabinets and Fire Extinguishers

  • Filing Cabinets

  • Floor Copiers & Printers

  • Computers & Monitors

  • Rail System

  • Bookcases & Shelving Units

  • Microscopes